Strategic M&A and Deal Advisory

Strategic advisory services in sourcing and supporting cross border M&A transactions and asset purchases on behalf of international investors seeking targets in Greece and our other focus markets OR representing owners selling businesses or assets to international investors. 

In early 2022, Sigma Catalyst Partners joined M&A WORLDWIDE, a network of M&A consultants with offices in 36 countries, as its Greek member and Athens Office. Please visit

M&A WORLDWIDE’s independent entrepreneurial approach as well as middle market focus, enables us to represent and support growing companies in international transactions.

Established in 2004, M&A WORLDWIDE is a global corporate finance advisory organization focused on cross-border Μ&Α advisory service to the mid-market (deal values of €5m – €200m). We provide dedicated corporate finance and M&A advisory services to mid-market clients seeking global commercial or M&A partnerships.

During 2021, the M&A WORLDWIDE network completed 567 deals with a value of €9.6 billion, which places M&A WORLDWIDE in the top best-performing M&A advisors based on completed number of deals.

We are engaged in two types of projects:

Buy-side: Assisting investors in deal sourcing and execution

We assist international investment funds and family office investors seeking acquisition of mid-market targets in Greece or Eastern Europe under Greek ownership. Targets include special situationsdistress assets as well as corporate divestitures and restructurings. 

Our team has significant buy-side and hands-on due diligence execution experience from prior experience with global companies esp. in planning and executing cross border transactions. 

We undertake proactive sourcing and pre-screening of investment opportunities matching our clients investment criteria and are able to provide pre-DD evaluation, which enables investors to identify key issues that should be addressed in deal structuring and investigated further in due diligence.  We liaise with business owners and banks to investigate debt-restructuring options with new investor involvement.

Our deep knowledge of the local market helps us identify and match opportunities with investors. Our boutique approach and independence from banking and local industrial groups ensures impartial advice – unlike many large accounting/law firms operating in the Greek market. 

Sigma Catalyst Partners has the flexibility to tailor the structure of any given transaction to the opportunity. We seek to source proprietary deals through our network, while providing access to on-going auctions where possible. In the Greek business environment, auctions are not always an open process.

We always work with performance-based remuneration and align our interests with those of the investors we support and partner with (profit share schemes).

Sell-side M&A advisory: Maximizing value within realistic expectations

We offer M&A advice to selected Greek mid-market companies and business owners seeking investor capital or an exit. We assist in all stages of M&A project execution:

– Planning, initial discussions and NDA
– VDR preparation support and due diligence coordination
– Negotiations and communications with buyers
– Deal structuring
– MOU and SPA negotiations up to deal conclusion

We also assist companies in capital structure and debt restructuring negotiations with lenders to enable M&A transactions.

Our focus is on project execution rather than plain advisory. We are able to lead or support negotiations and coordinate due diligence audits, while facilitating discussions and using creative structuring to bridge valuation gaps. Our team has significant hands-ondue diligence coordination experience with global companies.

Executing cross border M&A transactions involving Debt restructuring is our sweet-spot and expertise.