September 21st 2014

Greece signs €800 mil. financing agreements with EIB for infrastructure projects

EIB loans to Greece are expected to exceed € 1.5 billion in 2014, as EIB Chairman Werner Hoyer stressed the remarkable progress in Greek fiscal data over the past two years , which also resulted to the country’s successful bond issue last summer. It is also worth mentioning that EIB’s view on Greek project risk has changed vs. 2012.

Transport and energy infrastructure would be key focus areas co-financed by EIB alongside other EU structural funds. Airports, metro, railways and power distribution are projects being reviewed. Other infrastructure areas will also be financed. For example, EIB already participates in the Western Macedonia (DIADYMA) Waste Management PPP project financing being concluded in the next months.

EIB has also contributed over €200 million € in SME financing since the beginning of the year. This amount is to be increased as EIB puts special focus on SME financing.