September 18th,2013 

Changes in pre selected consortia in the Attica-Grammatiko MSW PPP. Five consortia qualify to the second round

After the verdict of the Council of State (S.T.E.) and the Association of Attica Prefecture (E.D.S.N.A.), changes occurred in the companies that qualify to the second round of the competition for the MSW unit in Grammatiko.

Two consortia of the initial participants for the Grammatiko’s MSW competition were excluded and one was included back in the process, so the total number of participants qualifying to the next stage, the competitive dialogue, is now five.

It is estimated that the annual quantity the Grammatiko unit will treat, is approximately 127,500 tons and the agreement will be valid for duration of 27 years.  The winning partnership should be able to compost pre-sorted organic material as one of the project’s minimum requirements.

The four waste management projects in the Attica region (350 million euro budget) will be implemented by partnerships that combine private resources and EU funds. The procedure is already in progress however with delays.