October 25th, 2012

The Special Secretariat for Public Private Partnerships adds four new MSW management facilities for Attica region in Greece

The Special Secretariat for Public Private Partnerships in a meeting headed by Minister Kostis Hatzidakis, added four solid municipal waste management projects in Attica to its waste management portfolio.

Combined the waste four waste management facilities (two in Western Attica, one in Northeastern Attica and one in Southeastern Attica) will process up to 1,3 million tons of waste the tenders will be announced in 2012 and are programmed to be will be completed within 14 months (by the end of 2013).

As per the decision, the consortia chosen will conduct studies, construction, maintenance, and the management of the units. The total investment is valued at 350 million euro, and the contract value (structures, operation & maintenance) is valued at 1,2 billion Euros. The possibility of the inclusion of the projects under the EU structural support fund (NSRF or ESPA) is currently being examined.

Proposals may include the use of any technology that meets EU and Greek environmental laws while the projects will be awarded to candidates providing the lowest cost solutions that meet environmental goals.

The Greek Government will establish the projects requirements, oversee the project progress and ensure that contractual terms are met.