November 9th, 2012

New temporary MBT facility approved in Peloponnese

According to press reports, the regional council  of Peloponese prefecture has approved the creation of a temporary MBT facility in Agios Konstadinos to process the waste of the municipality of Tripoli.

The  facility will be built with the cooperation of the Technological Institute of Crete and will sort/recycle and compost waste. The Peloponese Prefecture President Petros Tatoulis informed the council that considerable progress has been made in finding temporary solutions for the municipalities of Megalopolis, Kypouria and Eviotas and of delays in finding a solution for the municipality of Nemea. 

Details are however not available,  as to how this facility will be integrated in the ongoing MSW PPP tender for the Peloponnese prefecture (now in phase B).