November 19th, 2012

The Executive Committee of EDSNA (the special body responsible for Attica prefecture), has approved the terms of the announcement of the Attica Waste Management competitions

In the 19/11/2012 meeting of the BOD of EDSNA Giannis Sgouros informed board members that the EDSNA Executive Committee has approved the terms of the announcement of the 4 Attica Waste Management competitions.

The main terms being:

EDSNA will finance 40- 60% of the Construction Costs through the Program for Public Investments (EU and/or Greek National Financing)

Approximately 1.35 million tons of waste will be processed per annum

The project duration will be 27 years

The location will be the 3 locations agreed upon in the Regional plan; reservations as to the location of the Keratea plant exist

The possibility of including composting of presorted organic waste in the plans will be considered during the competitive dialogue phase

All waste management technologies that conform to EU standards and have been successfully tested, will be acceptable

The lowest cost alternative that meets all environmental goals will win the contract.

Giannis Sgouros also reminded the Board that the 200million Euros set aside in the Regional Plan of Athens, can be lost if not utilized by the end of 2013. Such an outcome would have negative impacts on development, infrastructure, the environment and unemployment..