March 15th, 2013 

Two new PPP waste management tenders were approved for the Municipality of Corfu and the Prefecture of Epirus 

The Inter-ministerial PPP Committee, which met on 13/3/2013 under the chairmanship of Minister of Development, Kostis Hatzidakis, approved two new PPP waste management projects for the Municipality of Corfu and the Prefecture of Epirus.

The installation in Corfu is the first PPP waste management project implemented in island area. The facility will manage about 87.000 tons, annually, while the infrastructure in Epirus will manage about 150.000 tpa.

Estimated cost for both projects is 210 million Euros.

According to the inter-ministerial decision, private partnership for both projects will be selected during the competitive dialoque procedure and will undertake the design, constuction maintenance, facility management and operation of the waste management infastuctures in the two areas, for a period of 27 years.  

Municipality of Corfu and Epirus Prefecture were defined as implementation bodies the two projects and the respective program agreements with the two bodies were approved by the National Court of Auditors.

The tenders are expected to be announced in April 2013.