January 25th, 2013

Eight Greek consortia submitted initial expressions of interest for the first two Attica MSW tenders for NE and SE Attica

The participation was better than expected with new industrial and construction players entering this promising sector. However, no international waste management companies participated directly as principals in the consortia at this phase , as was the case in all previous Greek MSW tenders during 2012.

Market knowledge suggests that such large European waste companies did participate as subcontractors, lending experience to smaller and financially weaker Greek contractors. It is interesting to monitor how this could impact project viability, financing and the resulting gate fees.

The two projects involve building and operating intergrated waste management facilities to treat approx. 127.500 tpa of MSW each from the respective regions with state/EU participation at 40-60%. Initial expressions of interest for the two larger Attica projects (Liossia & Fyli) are due January 29th and February 4th.