June 17th, 2013

Six Greek consortia qualified to the second phase of the competition for the municipal solid waste treatment plant unit in Keratea (SE Attica) and five for the waste processing unit in Liosia (West Attica)

The first phase (pre-selection) of the competitions for the selection of the private partner for Keratea and Liosia MSW projects was completed on June 17th, within the timeline.

The annual quantity of municipal solid waste management of the waste treatment plant in Liosia is estimated at a maximum of 400,000 tons and for the Keratea plant at 127,500 tons. The exact amounts will be determined further through the competitive dialogue, during which the contracting authorities will also consider the possibility to include compost units in the projects. 

The total duration of the partnership contract is estimated at twenty-seven (27) years and applies to both projects.