July 31st, 2013

Terna Energy announced as the preffered bidder (concession partner) for the Peloponnese Region municipal solid waste PPP tender

The project involves the construction and management for 28 years of three waste treatment plants in Peloponnese. Its capacity was set at 150,000 tpa (guaranteed) and could reach 200,000 tons annually.

The Peloponnese PPP project is the first waste management project that combines financing 50% of the EU-NSRF funds and 50% capital of the contractor and commercial banks.

Another peculiarity of this project, which makes it more complex, is the fact that the contractor must  identify and purchase the appropriate plots of land for the three facilities and obtain all the relevant  environmental permits within a specified time, otherwise they will be declined and forfeited by the project authority, which will then proceed with the second candidate.

The total value of the contract is approximately EUR 132 million, financed by EU funds with EUR65 million, while the project will be completed within two years from the commencement of construction.