February 22nd 2013

New PPP Waste Management Project for a solid waste processing unit for the Municipality of Patras (Achaia Prefecture)

The project concerns the financing construction, maintenance and operation of a processing unit for 150.000 tpa of MSW of the Achaia Prefecture.

The competition will consist of two phases, during phase one offers will be received based on the critiria set out in the announcement of the competition, while in phase two a maximum of 6 candidates will participate in competitive dialoque and finally submit binding tenders.

The facility will process approximately 150,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year for a duration of 27 years. The exact amount of waste to be processed along with the possibility of extending the duration of the engagement will be discussed during the competitive dialogue. 

The present value of availability payments is estimated at 95-104 million euros (assuming 40-60% EU/state contribution). Participants are encouraged to explore possible financing via the JESSICA EU structural fund for urban development, following a recent agreement between EIB and the Greek government.

Initial expressions of interest form phase A of the tender must be submitted by 12:00pm on April 2nd, 2013.

During phase A (pre-selection), participants need only demonstrate their technical capability and track record in constructing and operating MSW facilities as well as their size and financial strength as shown in their balance sheet. No financial commitment or specific technical proposal is required during pre-selection phase A.