February 11th, 2014

J&P Avax – Mesogeios – AAGIS announced as the preffered bidder for the Ilia waste management PPP project

The unit of Ilia will process 80,000 tonnes of waste for 27 years while the constracting cost is estimated at 36 million Euros. The NSRF will be funding the project with 16 million, while the rest will come from bank financing and the participation of the consortium.

However, securing of funding is not expected to be difficult, because of the relatively small amount required in relation to other waste projects , and the low risk that accompanies the unit of Ilia, which has been sited and has an approved study of environmental terms. Note that the waste management project in this area is among the most urgent, as the region still operate illegal landfill sites.

According to unconfirmed press reports, the gate fee for the unit will range from 38 euros up to 60,000 tonnes – which is the minimum guaranteed amount -, to 64 euros if the quantities are more.

Anaerobic digestion will be used by the contractor and the plant will produce electricity. It is estimated that if everything goes smoothly in terms of bank lending, the contract will be signed in about three months.