April 2nd, 2013 

Six Greek consortia submitted initial expressions of interest for the Municipality of Patras (Achaia Prefecture) MSW tender

The first phase of the competition for the waste processing plant in Municipality of Patras commenced on April 2nd, with 6 consortia submitting initial expressions of interest. The facility will process approximately 150,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year for a duration of 27 years. The exact amount of waste to be processed along with the possibility of extending the duration of the engagement will be discussed during the competitive dialogue phase.

 Among the consortia that expressed an initial interest, are the usual Greek construction groups, however as was the case in all other Greek MSW projects, there was no direct participation of an international waste technology group.

According to the expected timetable, the pre-selected candidates will be announced in May 2013 and the competitive dialogue between the contracting authority and those candidates will start a month later (June 2013). The choice of the technical solution that best meets the needs of the project will be selected in August, based on which the candidates will submit their final binding technical and economic offers. The offers will be evaluated in September, resulting to the provisional concession consortium.

Financial closing as well as drafting and signing of the contractual documents should be completed by December 2013.